The Wizard of Oz is coming to Naracoorte during October’s school holidays!

Click your heels together and get ready to follow a yellow brick road full of fun, adventure and colourful characters when The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show comes to South Australia during the October school holidays, with a Children’s Hospital Toy Appeal & Pre-Show Drama Workshop for children.

Celebrating 4,600 performances with The International Yellow Brick Road Tour, The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show is brighter and wackier than ever. Kids can rap with the Tinman, roar like a Lion, wake up sleepy Shakey the Scarecrow and dance with Dorothy in this interactive, new adaptation of Frank Baum’s evergreen story.

“Our shows are really about inviting kids to get up and move around, to relate to our music and to laugh and have a great time”, director Brian Laul says.

This show is no sit-down-and-watch affair – the kids are even invited to come dressed as their favourite characters to celebrate their visit to the Wizard. Live action comes together with 3D animation on screen, catchy tunes and loads of interactive fun in this ‘Toto-ally Oz-some’ treat ideal for 2 to 8 year olds.

After watching the show in America, Robert Baum, great grandson of Oz author L. Frank Baum said: “If great grandfather was alive, I’m sure he would be clapping, singing along and smiling with your show!”

This cast has been honoured to perform with, and for, the last living cast members from the 1939 MGM classic and other Oz royalty. They have represented Australia at many prestigious festivals including This Is Australia Festival (China), International Storytellers Festival (India) and International Wizard of Oz Festival (America).

Presented by Rainbow Crossing Inc, and produced by Sydney-based company, The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show is about more than giving kids a good time. It spreads a message of hope and self-esteem to the young. The audience is requested to bring along a toy or book for the show’s Children’s Hospital Toy Appeal.


Sat 6 - 10.30am Bordertown Civic Centre Theatre ($15) Phone: 8752 1044

Drama Workshop 9-10am. $10pp. Bookings 0401 030 463

Sat 6 - 4pm Kingston District Hall ($15) Phone: 8767 3003 

Mon 8 - 10.30am Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre (Mount Gambier) ($15 & $19)

Drama Workshop 9-10am. $12.20pp. Phone: 8723 8741

Mon 8 - 4pm Naracoorte Town Hall ($15) Phone: 8762 2733 (NewsXpress)