Meals on Wheels makes history with new menu choices!

The Naracoorte branch of Meals on Wheels is the first in the state to offer two choices of mains with their menu, prepared by a hospital kitchen.

“We have a four week rotation roster,” Meals on Wheels volunteer Dave McRostie explained.

“We put out the menus every Monday, and we collect them back on Friday.”

The starter and sweets stay the same, however there are now a range of delicious main meals to choose from. 

“Soy chicken has been popular,” Dave said. Other choices include sweet and sour pork, roast lamb with gravy, and tuna mornay. All of these meals are served with a side of vegetables, to make sure that clients are getting appropriate nutrition.

The volunteers work out which meal is which by the lids – a red lid indicates a first choice, and a yellow lid indicates a second choice. If a client doesn’t tick their menu, they automatically get the first row of choices.

This version of a choice menu has previously been done by Meals and Wheels branches who have their own kitchen. Naracoorte’s Meals on Wheels have made history in South Australia by being able to successfully implement the system with the Naracoorte Hospital.

If you would like to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, please call Lorraine Kilgour on 0414 438 472.