Matt and Michelle Lampard take on Ocsober

Padthaway couple Matt and Michelle Lampard will be doing the Ocsober challenge to raise awareness of the risks associated with alcohol abuse.

“I have motivations around responsible consumption and marketing of alcohol, and work for a corporate wine company who takes these issues very seriously,” Matt said.

“The supply of alcohol to minors and targeting younger drinkers in marketing can have long lasting effects so it’s great to be in an environment where these issues are managed with a great deal of purpose, and these clearly link to one of the Ocsober targets of reducing drug and alcohol related harm in young people.”

He also volunteers his time with emergency services, which added more motivation to do the challenge.

“I’m also a passionate emergency services volunteer and can see people at their worst due to alcohol and drug related incidents which can at times impact children, so being involved with Ocsober is a great opportunity to raise awareness.”

Matt and Michelle also decided to do it together to keep each other motivated.

“We are a bit competitive with each other so the idea of being able to work with each other but still compete was also fun,” Michelle said.

“We did something like this a couple years ago but without the formal aspect to it. Matt didn't have a drink for the entire month but I had one occasion where I drank so he feels he has the form going into October whereas I don't!”

Ocsober is a national fundraising initiative by Life Education to reduce drug and alcohol related harm in young people. All donations raised through Ocsober will help to provide the vital education Aussie kids need to make good choices about their health, relationships, alcohol and drugs.  

Life Education has recently received funding from the state government to enable visits to regional schools at a subsidised cost – it is scheduled to visit the Naracoorte region in Term 2 of 2019. 

To donate to Matt and Michelle's fundraising efforts, please go to