Former Masterchef contestant to open a restaurant in Naracoorte!

An Asian-fusion restaurant will be opening on the corner of Jones St and Robertson St in Naracoorte, run by Eida, who grew up dreaming of owning her own restaurant in her home country.

“We used to have a family restaurant in Malaysia,” she said.

“It was always a dream to open up my own restaurant.”

Eida used to work at Papa Rich Noodle, but she’s also had plenty of experience preparing delicious cuisine in Malaysia.

She’s so good in fact, she made it onto Masterchef Malaysia. Or rather, she didn’t only make it on, she ended up coming eleventh in the whole competition!

(To put that into more perspective, Malaysia has 32 million people compared to Australia’s 24 million. We’ve had plenty of people impress Gary and George, but you’d have to be pretty handy with a knife and stove in order to get to the top of Masterchef Malaysia).

Eida’s father was Thai, and she often involves Thai flavours and techniques in her cooking as well. 

Her restaurant, Gossip, will be presenting a menu that has influences from across Asia. As well as traditional satay, she will be selling foreign sweet treats like milk tea, and shaved ice with fruit.

The shaved ice with fruit is something that would be a summer special, Eida explains. Her restaurant menu would follow the seasons. 

But there would still be famous mainstay dishes such as dim sum, spring rolls, curry, sizzling noodles, roti and rice. 

On Fridays, if you order three meals the third is 50% off. On Saturdays, drinks are free. (Gossip will be a non-alcoholic restaurant with none for sale and no BYO). 

On weekdays they are open from 10am to 9pm and closed on Tuesdays, and open from 10am to 10pm on Fridays and weekends. 

Eida leased the premises two months ago, and is hard at work putting the finishing touches on Gossip. 

And why the name Gossip?

“That’s what you do when you come to a restaurant,” she said cheerfully.

“You drink, you eat you gossip!”