Women’s Wellness to host Babies, Children & Beyond Expo

The South East’s Women’s Wellness Group is bringing its debut Babies, Children & Beyond Expo event to Bordertown on Sunday October 28, with some local organisations getting involved.

The event aims to connect women and mothers across the district with one another, as well as open up communities and showcase what resources are available across the South East and Western Victoria.

There will be plenty of Naracoorte businesses represented at the Expo, such as Argyle Travel and Cruise, Annie-B, and Magic Earth Health Foods and Pregnancy Massage. 

Event organiser Hayley Harding told the Chronicle it was paramount for women and mothers in the district to feel a level of support in the community.

“We want to collaborate and open up the communities of Naracoorte, Bordertown, Kaniva, Keith etc. in order for new and upcoming mums to know what resources in the towns are available,” she said.

“For example, it’s good for mums in the South East to know we can go to Bordertown for a kindergym.

“It also boosts the economy and brings more people through the towns that wouldn’t normally go.”

Hayley said the Women’s Wellness Group event would encourage friendships and ensure expectations of motherhood are kept realistic. 

“It’s about making women feel like it’s okay to be who you want to be and not feel the pressure of living up to the girl next door,” Hayley said.

“It’s hard keeping up with society's pressure of being the perfect mum and it’s okay for women to have a bad day.

“Being a part of the Women’s Wellness Group has bought me a lot of mental clarity and helped me feel a part of something, it’s enabled friendships and helped me inspire other women to reach their potential.”

Hayley said there would be a diverse array of speakers, workshops, entertainment, food and products available at the expo. 

“We have workshops running by the hour – our biggest guest speaker is sleep consultant Emma O’Callaghan from ‘After the Stalk Sleep Solutions’,” she said.

Emma is a qualified infant and child sleep consultant with a background in nursing and midwifery. Emma said after experiencing overwhelming effects of lack of sleep and working with sleep deprived parents, she decided the parenting journey didn’t have to be this difficult.

“I am able to bring practical and professional knowledge to find you a solution,” Emma said.

“I’m so excited to be part of the Babies, Children and Beyond expo and look forward to talking all thing sleep and meeting you there!”

As well as Emma O’Callaghan, the event offers information on living a chemical free lifestyle, working with essential oils, dealing with anxious children. Bordertown’s Julia Pfitzner from the Australian Breastfeeding Association will also speak about breastfeeding benefits. 

Hayley encouraged as many members of the district as possible to get behind the event. 

“The Bordertown Lions Club will put on a barbecue, Linda’s Coffee Van will be there and also Frances Strawberries,” she said.

“There will also be pop-up shops, baby clothing, pram lines and a photographer!”

For more information on the event, or how to join the Women’s Wellness group, please call Hayley Harding on 0401 822 179 or Ashleigh Ciampa on 0488 017 623.

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