Naracoorte High students keeping cool before exams

Exams are just around the corner, and Naracoorte High is making sure that senior students are getting the support they need.

Linda Currie is the senior school coordinator, and she spoke about how the school supports young people to get the best results without burning out:

“What we set up as a school is mentors at the end of Year 11. These mentors are teachers that are chosen by the students.

“We also give them a pack, which has recommended mindfulness apps, and information about play, health and sleep. We provide opportunities to study before and after school, and students can do maths at lunchtime.”

The school also undertakes trial exams, something which has been recommended by Andrew Martin, a Scientia Professor and Professor of Educational Psychology at the School of Education of UNSW. 

“Before major exams, the focus starts to shift to doing practice exams," said Professor Martin via the Media Centre for Educational Research.

"As students mark or assess their answers, they will benefit from looking closely at ‘mistakes’ and seeing these as windows of opportunity for improvement.”

But the main thing for students to keep in mind is that exams are only 30 per cent of the final result, Ms Currie explained.

“Those two years of work students do is just as important.”

What is also important is students looking after their mental, emotional, and physical health. Speaking with Amelia Harris and Kelsie Moyle-Read, two students who are in their last year of study, they had both created strategies to get through stress.

“Prepare early,” was Kelsie’s advice.

“Don’t leave it until the last minute. And get a good night’s sleep. When something’s bad I just go to bed, and in the morning I just begin again.”

“Balance is key,” Amelia said.

“Not everything is about study. Do things to take your mind off it for a little bit.”

Amelia also believes that it may not be wise for students to quit their jobs, as even working one to two hours a week can provide a welcome respite from worrying about school work.