Rover Car Club rides into town!

When asked what made the Rover special, Peter Duffell, the Secretary of the Rover Car Club Australia, simply gestured towards his splendid Rover P3 75.

“What can you say? It’s a nice looking car. It was very exclusive, the upper class used to drive them. Bankers, lawyers, etc.”

They also have that nostalgic link, Peter continued. Australians of a certain age had them, or their parents had them, or their grandparents had them.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Rover P3 75, a car built circa 1948-1949. The Rover Car Club’s South Australian and Victorian branches drove into Naracoorte last Friday to get together, as Naracoorte is in that convenient spot on the map between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Whilst they were here they also saw the sights of the town, having dinner at hotels such as the Bushmans Arms and the Highlander, and taking a tour of the Naracoorte Caves. They also looked at collector Errol Schinckel’s shed out on Cadgee Road.

They were welcomed and hosted by the Historic Motor Vehicle Club on Friday evening, being greeted by President Graham Henschke and primary contact Daphne Burford.

During the dinner there was also an auction, with Graham Brammer as the auctioneer. All proceeds from the auction went to the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

There were around 30 members who congregated in Naracoorte for the ‘rove’, with drivers prepping their cars for the big journey before taking off.

There are chapters of the Rover Car Club in almost every state (SA, Vic, NSW, WA, and Tas has an affiliate branch). The Rover was a car that was built in the United Kingdom before being shipped to Australia. The model has been discontinued, but various parts now live inside the Land Rover, and so, the Rover in essence “lives on”.