Spring Shindig at Raidis Estate is sensational!

On Saturday night Raidis Estate held its Spring Shindig, with live music, a chargrill barbecue, and plenty of their award-winning wine.

Speaking with Emma Raidis, the idea for the Spring Shindig came from Coonawarra After Dark, when Raidis Estate would hold a party in the autumn.

But because it was the end of harvest, and the weather was turning cooler, the Raidis Estate team wondered if a similar event in spring would work well.

And, it did. Around 250 people converged on Raidis Estate lawns to enjoy the scenery, with Melbourne Cup weekend working in their favour. There were a few locals and wine club members, but the Shindig also attracted plenty of tourists from across the border, helping to promote the brand in Victoria.

The Spring Shindig also turned into a family affair, with many of the Raidis family’s relatives coming to the event to catch up with cousins, grandparents, aunties, and uncles.