Final Qld parliament week for 2018 sits

Treasurer Jackie Trad says Queenslanders will not be left footing the bill for abandoned mines.
Treasurer Jackie Trad says Queenslanders will not be left footing the bill for abandoned mines.

Queensland parliament will sit for the final time for 2018 this week with mine rehabilitation and blue card reform on the agenda.

The parliament on Tuesday will debate legislation to introduce a clean-up fund for mining companies to ensure taxpayers aren't left holding the bill if a company collapses without rehabilitating its mine site.

The government has been in intense talks with the Queensland Resources Council over the last week, with concerns from the industry the laws would be retrospective and affect investment.

Deputy Premier and Treasurer Jackie Trad said the meetings had gone well, and they had assured the QRC the changes would not be retrospective.

"I think we've found the right balance; everyone has given something, there's been concessions by all stakeholders, and what we have done is put Queensland taxpayers ahead of sectional interests," Ms Trad said on Monday.

"Queensland taxpayers will no longer be left footing the bill for abandoned mines in this state."

The government will also introduce a number of bills this week, including laws to reform the blue card system to expand the list of offences which automatically disqualify people working with children.

Any offence against children automatically disqualifies a person from holding a blue card, however the government will add murder and rape of adults to the list.

They were previously on the "serious offences" list, which left it up to a court to decide whether to grant a person a blue card.

Parliament had a potential sitting week pencilled in for December, however the government decided it did not need it.

That drew the ire of the LNP opposition, which accused the government of being lazy, pointing out it followed on from the decision to restrict parliament's sitting hours to be more family friendly.

But Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she's happy with the first full parliamentary year of her re-elected Labor government.

"(The extra week) was only if needed and the government is very happy with the progress we've made ... we're now getting through the legislation we need to get through," the premier said.

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