Sunrise Year Sevens graduate in style!

The Sunrise Year Sevens had their graduation last Thursday, and it was a night for memories, toasts, and bright futures.

The students were dressed in formal attire, with the girls looking glamorous and the boys looking suave. Some of the students also arrived in style in classic cars.

After photos, the main event was in a room decorated by the parent committee. There was multimedia, music, photos of the students in their childhoods, and a photo booth where students could let their hair down after the more formal photos!

There was also a fun annual tradition where the students got a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne, and aimed the cork at the Year Seven teacher (Aaron Haines). It was a close shave, but Mr Haines survived!

There were toasts and speeches, with Mr Haines toasting the graduating class of 2018. Ella Deland toasted the staff of Sunrise, and Rupert Fletcher toasted the principal Anne Dolan.

Afterwards some students made their own speeches, and many of them thanked their classmates for the great memories that had been made, all that had been achieved, and the road ahead.

At the end of the night certificates of leadership were handed out, and Bibles were also gifted to the graduating class.

After dessert, the parents came in to pack up the room and pick up their children, and a night of fun, frivolities and memories came to an end.