Community gardens just keep growing stronger

The Naracoorte Community Garden located on Stewart Terrace, Naracoorte was established in 2008 and has grown considerably in size over the years.

Recently local gardeners on a waiting list assisted in building an extra 10 garden plots bringing the total number of garden plots to 35.

Community Garden’s provide physical activity, an educational opportunity, and even social activity/meeting space and are especially appropriate for people who do not have a back yard or even a garden plot.

Those with physical and other challenges will also be able to find gardening a valuable and satisfying activity.

The larger plots are 2m x 9m long, and cost $50 each per year to hire.

There are also two smaller raised garden beds available for $25 each per year, suitable for the elderly and those with disabilities.

The Community Garden is currently fully booked except for one smaller raised garden bed. 

Community members can place their name on a waiting list as new plots may be added in 2019 if there is enough interest. Existing members may also retire their plot at the end of the lease in June 2019, making more plots available. 

Besides providing food, when properly operated, Community gardens become places where people can meet informally, giving them a valuable social role in their community.

Allotment holders are responsible for their individual plot, and the area immediately surrounding it. Three members of the Community Garden undertake caretaking duties and liaise with the Community Engagement Officer for maintenance, or improvements.

Annual membership fee is due each July.

To find out more about the Naracoorte Community Garden or to register for a plot contact the Naracoorte Lucindale Council on 8760 1100 or visit the website