Lucindale Karting Club John Ludwig Memorial 20 Lapper | PHOTOS

Lucindale Karting Club’s annual John Ludwig Memorial 20 Lapper race meeting was on Saturday.

The annual event was sponsored by Cold Logic but mother nature had other plans for racers.

The racers were able to do some racing before the storms came which made the track a mud pile.

Lucindale Karting Club would like to take this opportunity to thank all their sponsors throughout the year.

Without them our racing club would not be as successful. 

They now have a break in the season untill February 2019, which is planned to be another great successful year.

The day did have some results but not every class was able to run the 20 lapper which is a first in years.


Levi Ross (Tat).


Nicholas Magro (Ade).

Marcus Brand (Luc).

KT Lights:

1st—Alesha Ludwig (Luc).

2nd—Stephen Ryan (Luc).

3rd—Jack Clifton (Luc).

Junior Heavy:

1st—BJ Kristic (Ade).

2nd—Corey Brand (Luc).

3rd—Cameron Thorne (Tat).

KT Medium:

1st—Mitchell Ludwig (Luc).

2nd—Jordan Rayner (Luc).

3rd—Alex Young-Jackway (Luc).

125cc Open, J Junior Lights, Statesman, KT Heavy and KT Twin were all uncompleted.