Two drivers banned, fined for extreme speeds in South East

Two drivers have lost their licence for speeding.

About 4.50pm, Friday November 30, a man was stopped by Limestone Coast Highway Patrol on Kangaroo Flat Road, Koorine, near Glencoe, after being detected travelling at 152km/h in a 110km/h zone.

The driver a 17-year-old from the South East not only received an on the spot fine of $1513 but he also lost his licence on the spot for six months. The driver was also breaching a condition on his licence by travelling over 100km/h.

Just over an hour later at 6.10pm, the same patrol stopped a man travelling on Riddoch Highway, Penola, travelling at 162km/h in a 110km/h zone. The 25-year-old local man was issued with a $1096 fine and lost his licence on the spot for six months.

Sergeant Watts of Limestone Coast Highway Patrol said: "The actions of these drivers and the increased risk they placed on all road users is unacceptable.

“Choosing to drive at excessive speed dramatically increases the risk to themselves and others on the road of being involved in a fatality or serious injury collision. 

“Limestone Coast Highway Patrol will continue to conduct high visibility patrols to deter dangerous driving within the local service area throughout the Christmas holiday period."