KITCHEN WHIZ: Ginny’s genius at baking!

This week we're launching a new series of Naracoorte Herald Kitchen Whiz. If you or someone you know is a star of the stovetop, or is fantastic with the frypan, fill out the nomination form in this week’s Naracoorte Herald and drop it in to the Herald office. The overall competition winner will receive a $100 voucher donated by Amali Gifts and Accessories.

Ginny Harvie comes from a long line of fantastic cooks.

Her grandmother was brilliant, her mother excelled at the culinary arts, and Ginny herself makes a damn good dessert.

“They didn’t mind that I came in and had a go,” Ginny recalls about her first days in the kitchen with the family matriarchs.

While Ginny’s own skills means that she’s evenly matched making both savoury and sweet food, she is more adventurous when it comes to desserts. As well as the gorgeous raspberry brulee featured in this story, Ginny has incredible talents when it comes to vanilla slice, winning a top place at the Naracoorte Show. The talent for slices come from when Ginny and her mum were working at the saleyards canteen – on a busy day, up to four big slabs of vanilla slice could be cut up and sold.

The Harvie talent for baking continues on through Ginny’s daughter Pippa – as well as having her own book of recipes, Pippa makes a “mean” banana cake, is the queen of the chocolate cake, and can even make rainbow icecream!

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cream Brulee


600ml thickened cream

½ cup of milk

180g good quality white chocolate (chopped)

1 vanilla bean (split)

6 egg yolks

70g caster sugar

1 cup raspberries

30g caster sugar (extra)


Preheat oven to 150 degrees. Place 6 x 1 cup capacity ramekins in a roasting plan.

Combine cream, milk, chocolate and vanilla bean into a saucepan. Bring to simmer over medium heat. Do not boil.

Use balloon whisk and beat sugar and egg yolks together in a heat proof bowl, then gradually pour cream mixture into egg mixture continually whisking. Remove the vanilla bean. Divide the raspberries between the ramekins and add custard mixture evenly between the ramekins. Pour boiling water into the roasting dish around the ramekins until the water level is halfway height of the ramekins. Cook in the oven for 40 minutes or until just set. Remove ramekins from pan and put in fridge for 6 hours to set.

Sprinkle the extra sugar over the top of the ramekins and place under heated grill for 2-3 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved and caramelised. Or, use a brulee gun. Serve immediately.

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