Sunrise’s annual musical will be a must-see this Christmas season!

Dude, Do You Hear What I Hear? is a rollicking adventure for all ages that ensures that nobody will miss out on hearing the real story of Christmas on December 13!

Sunrise Christian School’s annual musical features Evie Dow as Taylor, a shy young woman who, along with her youth group, stop at the hustling and bustling ‘Mondo-Mart’ for some snacks on their way to Christmas camp.

But after a game of hide-and-seek goes awry, Taylor finds herself locked in the mall that night. It’s hard to know who’s more surprised – Taylor, or the fun-loving store mannequins who have come alive as the sun goes down!

In the tradition of classics such as Toy Story and Night at the Museum, these mannequins aren’t as stiff as they first appear, and once they break their silence they have plenty to say!

But Taylor quickly discovers that everything the store mannequins know about Christmas comes from what they’ve heard over the PA system during the festive season’s shopping frenzy, and boy are they… misinformed.

It’s up to Taylor to teach the mannequins what the true meaning of Christmas is, through a makeshift nativity scene and the hippest songs you’ll hear in a kids musical this year! (They also have to keep an eye out for security, but they seem to be as clueless as the mannequins).

There will be singing, dancing, and the cast of Year 7s have perfected their lines in what promises to be a funny tale which also contains a solid Biblical message, which is a hallmark of Little Big Stuff. 

Dude, Did You Hear What I Hear? will be performed at the Naracoorte Town Hall on December 13, with a matinee performance at 11.30am to be followed with the main performance at 7pm.

To enquire about tickets, call 8465 6005.