Rotary Park’s renovations complete in time for summer!

Naracoorte’s Rotary Park (near the Swimming Lake) has been spruced up for summer, with the Rotary Club receiving grateful assistance from the Naracoorte Lucindale Council.

After the Naracoorte Rotary Club received $45,000 from Fund My Neighbourhood last year, work began on creating a shade for the playground, and also making sure that there were child safety locks on the gates. 

The shade has been completed, and the gates will be fitted with safety catches soon.

Rotary member John Stafford explained that the reason why the council is assisting with the project is for tax reasons. When Rotary received the funds, there was a problem with GST and recouping receipts.

Rotary, as a service club, doesn’t have the ability to claim taxes the way that the council does. So the council has stepped in and assisted with maintaining and improving the park. 

As well as the Fund My Neighbourhood grant projects, the interior of the rotunda has  been repainted, and the roof is also going to be cleaned and repainted.

"Unfortunately the birds have also been painting the roof,” John said, looking at the streaked tin. 

The Naracoorte Rotary Park was established 30 years ago, and the playground was created in 1997. (The swing was installed in 2013). The Rotary Club still hold working bees to make sure that the park is clean and safe for the public.

They also installed the barbecues and the shed.

“It’s nice for people to get away from things for a bit, down by the lake,” John said.

“It’s just a nice place to relax.”