Summer tourism boom for the region!

In the last month alone, almost a thousand visitors have descended on the Naracoorte Lucindale district, enjoying our attractions, shopping, and taking in the great wine and produce that our region has to offer. 

In information gathered from the Naracoorte Lucindale Council, there have been 819 visitors and 72 enquiries for the month of December, which makes 900 in total, which is on par with last year.

The 2017/18 holiday period of December 20 to January 3 saw 725 total recorded tourists.

There have been 333 interstate visitors, and we had 132 international visitors, with 87 from the continent of Europe. 

227 visitors have stayed overnight in camping grounds, caravan parks, cabins, hotels, hotels and motels. 125 visitors have stayed more than two nights, with at least 62 visitors staying for a four to five day period. 

“We’re pretty happy about that,” said Vicki Modistach, the Tourism and Venues Coordinator for the Naracoorte Lucindale Council.

“People just love the Lake, and they love the town in general.”

The decision to open the Naracoorte Swimming Lake a few more weeks earlier this year may have helped boost tourist numbers, BIG4 Naracoorte Holiday Park proprietors Simon and Luci Fogerty have theorised. 

The Fogertys have had their holiday park absolutely packed with visitors over the holidays, with the park often at full capacity over the festive period, and a 20% increase in business from last year.

“People have driven past and remarked, we’ve never seen you that full!” Luci said.

“It’s been unbelievable. And they keep coming! We’re currently at 50% capacity.”

Glamping continues to be a popular drawcard to the holiday park, as does mini golf and the miniature train.

Frisbee golf, whilst originally being seen as a quirky addition – the posts were sometimes confused for planters – has taken off recently, with the addition of instructive signs.

The Fogertys have cleverly made sure that the attractions are a part of the stay, by creating packages. The perks program, where the BIG4 Naracoorte Holiday Park partnered with various businesses, has also had a fantastic result.

“It’s been a conversation starter at the reception desk, and people have just been loving it,” Luci said of the program.

“I had one woman come in and thank me, because it acts like a check list of where to go.”

Businesses associated with the perks program include Kincraig Hotel; Tender Cuts; The Veg Shed; Tyre Power; Sheep’s Back Museum; Sweet Espresso; Amali; Laundry Hub; Aqua Steel.

In Simon’s opinion, much of the central business has stayed active over the holidays, which has increased Naracoorte’s appeal.

And for Luci, initiatives like Frances Strawberries’ “Come and Pick” days have seen more people exploring what the region has to offer.

Most of the guests at the BIG 4 BIG4 Naracoorte Holiday Park have also been genial guests, with many taking note of the 10km speed limit for the safety of others.