Mark Farrow – Australian Supermodel of the Year?

Former local Marcus “Mark” Farrow has been selected, along with only twenty other models, to compete in the Australian Supermodel of the Year grand finals in Bali in February.

“It was interesting, I’ve never been in anything quite like it,” Mark said about the road to the finals.

“I didn’t know what to expect – I was pretty nervous!”

The round before the finals was on a rooftop hotel in Brisbane. It required an audition, the judges looking over Mark’s portfolio, and Mark showcasing what he’s got in different categories – casual, formal, swimwear, and runway.

The judges also held one-on-one interviews with the contestants, to assess their personalities.

Waiting to hear back from the judges was nerve-wracking, but Mark made friends during the audition process, and so even if things hadn’t worked out, he would have left with a positive.

But a few weeks later, he got the call that he was on his way to Bali. 

“I’ve wanted to become a model since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for fashion, and I make sure that I look pretty stylish,” said Mark.

“That’s pretty much why I decided to pursue that career path. I also like photography.”

When Mark moved from the family farm to Brisbane, it wasn’t long until he was booking gigs and becoming more involved in the fashion industry.

There is hard work involved in being a model, however – it’s a lot of early mornings in the gym, keeping to a diet, and having healthy skin and hair. 

But it’s all worth it for the stellar career that Mark’s had so far, having worked with clients such as Myer, the Universal store, and boutique brands around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

And by making it all the way to the Australian Supermodel of the Year finals, no doubt Mark’s going to have even more campaigns ahead of him.