South East Beef Field Days: Superior cattle and outstanding genes


Lancaster uses science and common sense to breed balanced cattle that will work commercially and add value for their clients.

They aim to be leaders in a sustainable beef industry and are driven by wanting to continually increase the efficiency of beef production and the quality of the beef they produce.

When they select an animal for their breeding program, they research and look at all available information, treating EPD figures, structural assessment and phenotype equally, with non-negotiables in each area.

They measure their cattle against the best database in the world. With more than 375,000 cattle recorded annually, the American Simmental Association (ASA) database gives them the accuracy, and extensive figures, to find out which animals meet their breeding aims.

Over the past year they have DNA-tested their entire cow herd, sending off some 600+ samples, as part of the Cow Herd Roundup (CHR) project, and are excited to now have the results.

This information will be pivotal in future herd development because all traits get a huge boost of accuracy.

For example, a single 50K DNA test is now equivalent to:

  • 15 calving ease scores
  • 20 birth weights
  • 22 weaning weights
  • 25 stayability records, and more.

The benefits to clients are clear, according to Lancaster, who believe you can’t get better support or tools when choosing your breeding stock – they will breed better cattle for you, you have the best information to make your bull selections and access to traits/figures unavailable elsewhere.

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