Pidgeon to represent region at ​Meet the Makers: Women in Beer, Wine & Spirits

Wynn’s Coonawarra winemaker Sarah Pidgeon will be representing the region at the Meet the Makers: Women in Beer, Wine & Spirits taking place in Sydney on International Women’s Day (March 8).

This is the second time that Sarah has been invited to an event with a number of prestigious winemakers, having been invited to Meet the Makers: Women in Wine in 2018.

Sarah, and her winemaking colleague at Wynn’s, Sue Hodder, also received the accolade of Winemaker of the Year for 2016 from the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology Awards for Excellence.

“We’ve worked together for a long time, and having two women winemakers at the same workplace is pretty notable.

“That we’ve been working for over twenty years is also pretty unique, for female or male winemakers.”

At Wynn’s they are still constantly improving their wines, and Sarah is proud that after a long partnership they haven’t plateaued.

“An example of that is 18 months ago, we tasted the full set of 60 vintages of our Black Label Cabernet, to review how it’s aging. The body of the wine and the quality steps through the decades is clear.”

Wynns are also gathering data on cabernet flavours with the University of Adelaide, and collaborating on may other research projects with the local wine community and researchers.

Whilst these are incredible achievements, a clear statistic is that the wine industry has an estimated 38% of women in its workforce, with women in leadership roles estimated at 10% or less.

“I’m looking forward to networking with like minded women and supporting each other at this year’s event,” Sarah said.

“Being part of that community, it’s a big benefit. It creates a healthy culture. It expands people’s confidence.”