Building ‘bridges’: card club getting more members!

Naracoorte’s Bridge Club has welcomed eight more members into its ranks recently, with more players ready to compete in February.

January is a month of training and revision for the players, with the newer members of the club improving their skills under the tutelage of Liz Ogilvie.

(Sue Hood is also an instructor, who works on sharpening the skills of the more experienced players).

Karen Chisholm is one of the newer members, and is relearning the game after having played many years ago.

“Basics are all I remember, and it’s great to have Liz as a teacher,” she said.

“Some rules have also changed. It’s excellent to have practical and hands-on training, you can learn and play at the same time.”

The appeal of bridge, for Karen, is that it is a game where you not only have to work in tandem with a partner – a bridge table is for four players – but also it’s about thinking ahead when it comes to bidding.

(In bridge, the trump suit is chosen by bidding).

Bidding, says Karen, adds another dimension to the game. The players have to have full concentration at all times.

For people who are new to Naracoorte, like Karen, the Bridge Club has also introduced her to more people who are connected in the town through sports and charity work.

“It’s been lovely.”