Brett Rumball assists the TFS in the Tasmanian fires

Local CFS volunteer Brett Rumball has just returned from assisting firefighters trying to contain one of the many burning blazes in Tasmania, as part of the State Incident Management Team deployment.

Brett’s official role was a Deputy Logistics Officer, and he flew out last Wednesday (January 30) to support firefighters on the ground before returning on February 5. Brett’s work involved organising travel, accommodation and equipment for the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS).

“There were a team of seven across the state,” Brett explained.

“We were the third rotation.”

A ‘rotation’ is a 5 day deployment with 1 day travel either side. Members from across the state are registered with the State Incident Management Team and are rostered on to deploy when requested.

Scott Murray, from the Naracoorte CFS Regional Headquarters, is in Tasmania at the moment, and Dan Newson, also in the local CFS, will be travelling out on Saturday.

Fires are currently burning across the island state, and Brett’s rotation went to help out with a 52,000 hectare fire that was ablaze 1.5 hours outside of Launceston.

Brett has spent 11 years in the CFS, and his training and experience in Naracoorte has allowed him to join the ranks of the State Incident Management Team, who he has been with for the past two years.

“It’s the first time I’ve been called upon,” Brett said.

“It’s certainly very rewarding, to be able to help. And they (the Tasmanian firefighters) were very accepting of us.”

Whether Brett will be sent back to Tasmania will depend on the weather in the next week. But if he is, he’s willing to go back to continue to help.