Bars, Golden Guitars and Lake Charlegrark: Adam Harvey to headline this year’s Music Marathon

It’s been ten years since country music legend Adam Harvey has been to Lake Charlegrark, and he can’t wait to go back, this time as the headline act at the Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon. 

“Dad and I used to go, for boy’s weekends,” Adam said.

“I’ve got lifelong friends there, and it will be great to see Paddy Pretlove, the guy who used to organise it (the Marathon). The wife and I used to take the kids there too.

“I’ve been busy, but it will be lovely to be back, they’re a good mob up there. They like to have a few drinks, swing from the rafters, it’s good fun.”

‘Being busy’ includes making albums that have clocked up over half a million sales, winning eight Golden Guitars, and collecting Australian Country Music Award for both albums and singles.

Some of Adam’s best known hits are Do I Ever Cross Your Mind, Lights on the Hill, I’d Rather be a Highwayman and Yeah I Like Beer. 

The last song was from Adam’s hit album Harvey’s Bar, and on tour he’s set up a literal bar to go along with his shows, something he hasn’t ruled out at the Music Marathon.

“Maybe a caravan at the back, set it up and turn it into Harvey’s Bar.”

The main thing that Adam wants audiences to get from his headline performance, and the marathon itself, is a sense of escapism.

“It (Lake Charlegrark) is a bit out of the way, but it’s good to just escape from it all. It’s a beautiful little oasis. You can just forget your worries for a weekend or a day, just listen to some good music.”

Adam is planning to have a few days off from his busy schedule himself, just relaxing with family and friends before and after his set.

The Lake Charlegrark Music Marathon is on from February 16-17, and tickets are on sale now. For more information about acts, accommodation and sponsors, visit