Local lads' 'Law Without Order' heads to the Adelaide Fringe!

The process of getting Law Without Order from an idea to the Adelaide Fringe festival involves virtual reality, a tip-off from one of the owners of Ayers House, and a gavel Photoshopped onto a sandwich.

"We had the idea to do the Fringe before we actually had an idea for a show," explained Ben Viney, one of the show's co-creators and performers. 

"We wanted to look at the law industry from the inside out."

Ben's co-creators include Nathan Miles and Myles Higgs, who are all former drama students at Naracoorte High School. Ben now attends high school in Adelaide, Nathan is taking a gap year, and Myles is undertaking a teaching degree.

Together they have created Exploding Kite Productions, and Law Without Order is their first show. Whilst it would be assumed that a show of that title would be a satire of crime shows, the show's origins are much more inventive.

"I have an interest in virtual reality, and there's a VR game by Crows Crows Crows," said Ben. Crows Crows Crows is a cult media company based in Berlin that was founded by William Pugh.

"And there's a game where you're in a courtroom, but there isn't anything related to the law - people are just saying big words that mean nothing.

"I wanted to make a game like that, but Nathan suggested that we make the show instead."

Once the idea was formed, then it was a matter of getting it registered as a Fringe Show before deadline.

Whilst the Fringe itself is from February 15 (this Friday) to March 17, the actual deadline for shows is around September, as artists need to book their venues before the Fringe marketing machine cranks into gear.

Exploding Kite Productions managed to get their Fringe show details filed in time, and a quick mental blank about what image to submit with it was solved through Photoshop.

They had an image of a sandwich. How do you make that sandwich relevant to crime and justice? Easy - Nathan Photoshopped a gavel on it.

Then it was time to find a venue. After ringing around, Ben was pointed towards Cafe Outside the Square by one of the owners of Ayers House.

Cafe Outside the Square were happy to host Exploding Kite Productions, and as Ben mentioned, they're also an excellent organisation who serve meals to the homeless, in an arrangement that they have with St Vincent De Paul's.

Law Without Order is a semi-improvised comedy that promises "pseudo law", and the possibility of audience plants. Exploding Kite Productions have been working out the nuts and bolts of the show through meetings, and will be dedicating a week before their debut to rehearsals, to "knock it into shape".

Law Without Order will be showing at The Atrium at Cafe Outside the Square (34 Whitmore Sqare, Adelaide, SA, 5000) on February 25, March 1, and March 2 at 8pm. General tickets are $15 and more information can be found here.