Naracoorte public toilets upgrade recommended

Naracoorte Lucindale Council will vote on a recommended $80,000 upgrade to the much maligned Naracoorte town square public toilets.

Manager of planning and compliance Paul McRostie recommended to a strategic asset management committee meeting last week that the council spend $80,000 next financial year upgrading the toilets.

Members approved the recommendation and elected members will vote on it at the February council meeting on Tuesday, February 26.

Mr McRostie said in his report: "Council has received many complaints about the Naracoorte Town Square toilets from local community members and visitors.

"Some letters have suggested the condition of the facilities portrays a poor image for the council area.

"The toilet facilities we constructed in 2006 are now 13 years old. Since then, only minor maintenance work has been undertaken on these facilities."

Mr McRostie went on to outline the issues identified at the toilet block. They included:

  • Toilet bowls rusting due to harsh water and usage.
  • Urinal rusting and stained.
  • Unsuitable floor surface making the floors hard to clean and therefore poorly presented. Floor surface slippery when wet, making the area unsafe.
  • Smell of the facilities due to lack of ventilation.
  • Unsuitable wall colour showing marks and staining.¬†
  • Inadequate lighting.
  • Accessible toilet door not up to current Australian standards and poor location of services within the accessible toilet.
  • Parent¬†room facilities not catering for needs to care for children while being attended to.
  • Confusing signage to the facilities causing confusion as to which door to access.
  • Incorrect fall on floor causing water to pool in corners of room, making cleaning difficult.

Mr McRostie suggested a range of corrective measures costing a total of $79,600 be included in the 2019-20 council budget. The most expensive aspects of the project would be $30,000 for the floor and $21,000 to replace toilets and cisterns.

The recommendation was approved, although not unanimously, and will be included in the agenda for the February council meeting.