Stars to be at the Frances Folk Gathering

INTERNATIONAL TALENT: Kavisha Mazzella. Photo: Mark Hopper.
INTERNATIONAL TALENT: Kavisha Mazzella. Photo: Mark Hopper.

At the Frances Folk Gathering - on this weekend from Friday to Sunday - there will be invited guests with musical styles for everyone.

Kavisha Mazzella will be making her way to the folk festival for the first time, and she is an ARIA Award winner, taking home the Best World Music Award for her 1998 album Fisherman's Daughter. 

Kavisha's father was Italian, and she has been awarded many accolades for her work in celebrating Italian culture in Australia. 

In 2000 she was awarded the Italia Nel Mondo by the Italian Government. The Italia Nel Mondo is awarded to those who have showcased international excellence and promoted Italy on the world stage.

At the request of the Victorian State Government in 2004 she wrote Tunc Justus, a choral work that celebrated the life of Raffaello Carboni, who was instrumental in the Eureka Stockade. 

In 2008 she was awarded the Multicultural Commissions Award for Excellence by the Victorian Multicultural Commission. And, in 2011, Kavisha received an Order of Australia, for her work in advocating for multicultural communities and racial harmony in her singing and songwriting. 

Kavisha has released five albums: Mermaids in the Well (1995), Fisherman's Daughter (1998), Canberra, Cork, Calgary (1999), Silver Hook Tango (2002) and Love and Sorrow (2010). 

Kavisha sings in both English and Italian, the latter mostly with her folk band I Viaggiatori. Her music is on Spotify, Youtube, and more information can be found here:

Comedic bluegrass musician Pete Denahy will also be in the main stage lineup. Pete found viral stardom after his single "Sort of Dunno Nothin'" became a hit on Youtube, and received attention from radio stations across Australia in 2007.

The video for "Sort of Dunno Nothin'" has racked up a million views on Youtube, and perfectly satirises the relationship that parents have with sullen teenagers who speak in monosyllables. 

The rest of Pete Denahy's discography is also filled with songs that perfectly capture the humorous minutiae of Australian life. 

"Looking At My Phone" satirises our obsession with the internet, but is also relatable in that everyone has lazily browsed social media whilst waiting in line or by themselves at a cafe. 

And "The Target Song" will resonate with any husband or boyfriend who has had to wait for their partner as they browse homewares or clothes!

Pete can also be found on Youtube and Spotify, and more information can be found at