KNTFL to introduce rule changes

Four rule changes and slightly different playing times will be implemented in the KNTFL in season 2019.

The main change in playing time relates to junior colts (under 14s) who will now play 4 x 15 minute quarters rather than 12 minutes. They will now start earlier at 9.25am.

Then will follow:

10.45am - senior colts (U17), 4 x 18 minutes with no time on.

12.20pm - reserves, 4 x 20 minutes, no time on.

2.10pm - A grade, 4 x 25 minutes plus time on, half time break reduced to 15 minutes.


Of the four new rule changes, the most significant is probably the last possession out of bounds rule.

Last possession out of bounds:

The last possession out of bounds free kick (not last touch) is awarded when a player kicks or handballs the ball and the ball crosses the boundary without being touched by any other player. If the ball comes off hands in the contest, is fumbled across the line, accidentally comes off someone’s boot (other than out of bounds on the full), a boundary throw-in results.

If a player is shepherding the ball over the line and the umpire determines that had it not been for the shepherding the opposition player would have been able to reach the ball, before it travels out of bounds, this will not be a free kick.

Past interpretations of deliberate out of bounds still exist.

Marks/free kicks:

For all defenders who take a mark or gain a free kick within 9m of their own goal, the man on the mark for the attacking team will be brought in line with the top of the goal square (which is 9m).

Marking contest:

"Hands in the Back" rule interpretation is to be repealed, allowing a player to place his hands on the back of his opponent to protect his position in a marking contest but not to push the player in the back.

Ruck contests – prior opportunity:

A ruck player who takes possession of the football while contesting a bounce or throw up by a field umpire or a boundary throw in by a boundary umpire, will not be regarded as having had prior opportunity.

  • Round 1 of the KNTFL season is on Saturday, April 6.