Parent wants action as Sacred Heart Catholic School investigates 'error in judgement'

Parent wants action over school's sex offender hiring

Parents have been left shaken in the wake of the announcement that a man believed to be a convicted child sex offender had been contracted to work at Catholic school in NSW.

A mother of three school-aged children, who attend a different Catholic school but have been in after-school care at Wagga's Sacred Heart, was horrified by the news.

"The statement says this person was only allowed to work on the school grounds after hours, but what about the kids who are there after school," she said. 

The concerned parent wanted to know how this could happen.

"When you send your kids to school you think all these checks are done," she said.

"I agree with parents who say it's a great school but I want to know the answers and we just need to make sure it never happens again because as parents we can't have that fear.

"I believe that every single trade contractors, whether they are working during or after school hours, or anyone who steps into a school under a working capacity should have a Working with Children Check."

Another parent said Sacred Heart Catholic School acted quickly and was open and honest with families, but was concerned about social media posts. 

"They have admitted that a mistake was made and apologised," she said. 

"Social media doesn't always tell the full story and doesn't always have the full facts.

"The school is a great school with fantastic leadership that always has our children's best interest at heart and always put our children first."

The mother said the school had acted promptly by removing the sub-contractor.

"I know I speak for many parents within our school community that have been affected by this and I am confident with the changes that are being implemented and policy being reviewed by the school that will ensure this doesn't happen again," she said.

"We feel for all those involved with this including the families."

The Riverina Police District made inquiries and have been advised there is nothing that requires its involvement.

In a statement, the Diocese of Wagga Wagga apologised to the family and said the incident seemed to be an "error in judgement" and was being investigated.