MiniJumbuk quilt warms farmers' hearts

MiniJumbuk has collaborated with an Australian farmer to create the limited-edition Farmer's Heart Wool Quilt, in conjunction with Rural Aid to help drought-stricken communities across the country.

Limited to 1000, the Farmer's Heart Wool Quilt has been made with Poll Dorset wool from Roger Wilkinson's farm - Camborn Station in Wentworth, NSW - making the wool uniquely traceable to a single source.

Roger, the fourth generation of his family to produce wool at the 94,000-acre Camborn Station, is experiencing first-hand the impact of the drought on rural farming communities.

"It's hard to comprehend the full affects until you witness the drought's impact first- hand," Roger said. "The drought has had such a significant impact on our livelihoods that we had to do something to help.

"Businesses are really struggling so I'm very proud that my family is supporting other Australian communities and Rural Aid with this project."

Not only will MiniJumbuk's Farmer's Heart Wool Quilt help raise vital funds, this particular wool from Camborn Station has rated exceptionally highly in terms of resilience, with extra fill power for lasting loft and warmth.

The quilt was hand-crafted and finished at MiniJumbuk's rural headquarters in Naracoorte. The bedding specialist hopes to raise vital funds for rural communities nationwide.

"We have spent four decades championing Australian-made wool bedding and better quality sleep," said MiniJumbuk managing director Darren Turner. "The Farmer's Heart Wool Quilt is our way of trying to give back to communities that have been affected."

Due to the impact of the drought, the premium Farmer's Heart Wool Quilt will have a limited edition run of 1000, across single, double, queen, king and super king sizes.

Available from April 16 nationwide, $50 from the sale of each Farmer's Heart Wool Quilt will be donated directly to Rural Aid.

The quilt is being sold in partnership with David Jones, so is available exclusively in David Jones stores nationwide, MiniJumbuk retail outlets in SA and online at from $439.95 RRP.