UPDATED: Vandals attack back of Town Hall with graffiti


More graffiti has been located on the side of Arts on Ormerod, in McRae Street leading into Riverside Drive.

The colour and graffiti style is similar to the graffiti found on the side of the Town Hall, and therefore it is likely the work of the same culprit.

Original story

Over the weekend a vandal (or vandals) spray painted "tags" on the back of the Town Hall, close to the office of the Member for MacKillop.

In an official statement the Naracoorte Lucindale Council have said:

"The matter has been reported to the police and will be investigated by the police. It is disappointing that people feel the need to vandalise property."

The font was written in a rounded style similar to the graffiti found on the buildings near the Showgrounds back in March.

Whilst council workers cleaned most of the graffiti off early this morning, there's still some blue markings on the surface, as can be seen in the gallery.