A Diamond Anniversary for the Madderns

Weddings are usually romantic affairs, but when Brian and Heather first met at one, it wasn't exactly love at first sight.

"Nah!" Heather scoffed when asked whether she was attracted to her now-husband at first.

But somewhere along the way, Brian and Heather fell in love, and have now been married for 60 years, celebrating their Diamond Anniversary on April 8.

Their relationship started in 1953 and they became married in 1959, at the Church of England in Nhill, a beautiful old place of worship that was built in 1907.

The couple then lived out in Langkoop, Victoria, on a farm.

Langkoop is small, but Brian and Heather were active in the community, helping out with the CFS, and the hall.

They also supported the former school there.

Their sons Ross and David still work on the Langkoop farm, and Brian and Heather have since moved to Naracoorte.

Over their decades of marriage, they have welcomed twelve grandchildren into their lives.

"I'd say we're pretty happy," Brian said whilst looking at Heather, as they enjoyed the sunshine at Yakka Park, waiting to see the music festival.

"It's had its ups and downs, but we've still stayed together.

"I know that it's been a fair while, but really, it feels as if it's gone quite quickly."

"I've just learned how to say 'yes dear'," Heather joked back.