Liberals to privatise regional road maintenance, claim Labor

ROAD AHEAD: MLC Clare Scriven with Labor candidate for Barker Mat O'Brien.

ROAD AHEAD: MLC Clare Scriven with Labor candidate for Barker Mat O'Brien.

The Marshall Liberal Government has used the cover of the Federal Election campaign to privatise regional road maintenance - which could impact up to 800 jobs, claims the Labor Party.

Yesterday, just hours after Scott Morrison called the election, DPTI workers were quietly advised the government would be issuing a tender to privatise maintenance of the department's road network - 14,000km sealed, 9000km unsealed.

The Marshall Liberal Government did not tell the people of South Australia before the election of their plans to privatise regional road maintenance.

With the Liberals track record of sending contracts interstate and overseas there is no guarantee that a South Australian company or South Australian workers will carry out this maintenance, stated Labor MLC Clare Scriven's office.

This also means DPTI will be seriously deprived of in-house expertise to ensure the proper long-term management of our roads.

During Labor's last term millions of dollars were spent on purchasing new equipment to assist with maintenance of the state's regional roads. This included new prime movers, water tankers and other equipment.

During this Marshall Government's first year, the Liberals have delivered cuts and privatisations to regional South Australia, including:

  • Scrapping Country Cabinets
  • Failing to increase rural road speeds to 110kms
  • Potential closure of regional courts
  • Cutting $26 million from regional road funding
  • No direct financial support for producers affected by the drought
  • Threatening to privatise SA Pathology

"This is yet another blow to regional areas, from the Liberals who promised to prioritise country South Australia," Deputy Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council, Clare Scriven, said.

"What's worse, just like the privatisation of the SA Pathology, the State Liberals didn't tell voters before the election of their plans to privatise road maintenance."