Who's running for Barker?

Seven candidates have been declared for the electorate of Barker for the upcoming federal election, with the two major parties going head to head along with a few minor parties joining the fray.

The parties that will be seeking your vote in the May 18 election include:

  • Liberal
  • Labor
  • Greens
  • Nationals
  • Animal Justice Party
  • United Australia Party
  • Centre Alliance

Below are brief snapshots of who's running for the vast regional seat, and what their parties stand for.

Tony Pasin (Liberal)

Tony Pasin has been the federal MP for Barker since he was elected in 2013, and was subsequently re-elected in 2016. Mr Pasin operated his own legal practice in Mount Gambier before becoming involved in politics, representing residents, agriculturalists, and businesses.

Some of the key Liberal party policies include tax relief for small businesses; $100 billion into roads and infrastructure; long-term funding for schools, hospitals, and childcare; and securing borders and fighting terrorism.

Mat O'Brien (Labor)

Mat O'Brien is a councillor for the Rural City of Murray Bridge, and the vice-president of SA Country Labor. Mr O'Brien ran as a candidate for the Labor Party in the 2016 election, gathering 15.21 per cent of the vote.

Some of the key Labor party policies include higher wages for workers; closing multinationals' tax loop holes; 50 per cent renewable energy by 2050; and fee-free TAFE.

Rosa Hillam (Greens)

Rosa Hillam is a former Healthy Rivers Ambassador and River Fellow for the Murray Darling Basin. Ms Hillam believes in better aged care and mental health facilities for the regions, standing up for domestic violence victims, and more rehab options for substance abusers.

Some of the Greens' key party policies include getting lobby groups and corporate interests out of Canberra; phasing out coal in favour of 100 per cent renewables; more rights for renters; more disability access and fully funding the NDIS.

Miles Hannemann (The Nationals)

Miles Hannemann is a councillor with the Tatiara District Council and a businessman. He is also a former SES and ambulance service volunteer.

Some of The Nationals' key party policies include easing household costs; putting the safety of regional communities first; securing local jobs for workers; investing in rural roads and infrastructure; and supporting schools and hospitals.

Karen Eckermann (Animal Justice Party)

Karen Eckermann, a councillor for the Rural City of Murray Bridge, is one of the founding members' of the state's Animal Justice Party. Ms Eckermann is involved in local companion animal and wildlife groups, however one of her main priorities is protecting farm animals. She is calling for an end to live exports and mandatory CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses.

Other Animal Justice Party policies include protecting forest and marine habitats; tougher penalties for animal abuse; and more funding for no-kill shelters.

Rupert Bacher (United Australia Party)

Rupert Bacher is retired welder and timber worker from Mount Gambier, and this is the first time that he will be running in a political election. His motivation to run was to give back to the country that welcomed him as an immigrant in 1964.

The United Australia Party was formerly the Clive Palmer United Party, and their key policies are taking a strong position on paid political lobbyists; revising the refugee policy to make sure that new arrivals enjoy our way of life; and creating wealth from mining.

Kelly Gladigau (Centre Alliance)

Kelly Gladigau is a registered nurse and community volunteer from Cowirra, located near Mannum.

Centre Alliance, formerly Nick Xenophon Team, are focused on government transparency and protecting national industries.