Apex has a new President and is looking for more members

The Naracoorte Apex club once teetered on the verge of being nonexistent, with only five members only a couple of years ago.

But now, after some dedicated work by locals Brett Rumball, Luke Smitheman, and new President Austin Turner, the club has now doubled its membership, with 10 people making regular meetings and 12 joined up.

With Apex regularly assisting with events through entertainment and catering, and doing charitable projects throughout the community, there is always the opportunity for more members.

"Even if they can't make business meetings, helping out at events, and any new ideas would be welcome," Austin said.

Austin had been part of Apex for a few years before he received the tap on the shoulder to become the President. As a club it is now open to both men and women, and very soon there will be wood chopping, as winter approaches.

Some of Apex's most recent projects have been catering the Two Cocks Golf Day, and Amy Crafter's wedding. They have also provided funding for a young Naracoorte United soccer player, Cedar, to train in Adelaide.

Making a difference to the community was the key reason that Austin Turner joined Apex.

If you're interested in joining Apex you can contact Austin Turner on 0400 374 999.