Inspirational speaker and athlete Tammy van Wisse to share her story

Tammy van Wisse, a long distance swimmer and engaging public speaker, is coming to Bordertown on the 24 May, and in Naracoorte at Gather on Gordon on the 25 May.

"It will be my first time there," Tammy said.

"I've passed through the region, but I haven't had the pleasure of mixing with the locals yet!"

Tammy is a guest of the local Women's Wellness Group, who invited Tammy to speak due to her inspiring story. She has set six World Records for swimming, has swum the English Channel twice, and is the only person to have swum the Bass Strait.

"I'm still the only person silly enough to have done that!" Tammy laughs.

"It tested the limit of my endurance. Regarding the mental aspect, I would set small goals in order to do a colossal swim. It's about strategising."

Setting goals strategically not only applies to incredible athletic feats, but also life, and Tammy has found her calling in motivating others to reach their potential, with over 20 years in public speaking.

In her career, Tammy has travelled all over the country public speaking, and was inspired by her own heroes, such as Iron Woman Lisa Curry, coming to her school to speak.

"I'm very humbled," Tammy said of audiences responding with positivity and inspiration when she shares her advice, especially when she inspires school students as her heroes once did.

"To be able to do the same is just wonderful."

If you would like to attend Tammy's speaking event, complete with wine and nibbles in the ticket price, please follow this link: