Bee Gees tribute show coming to town!

DAPS Entertainment have sold out shows across Australia with their Bee Gees tribute act, 'Night Fever - Bee Gees Revival', and on July 7 they'll be bringing the trio's magic to the Naracoorte Town Hall.

'Night Fever' of course will be 'Afternoon Fever' in Naracoorte, as the concert begins at 4pm (and finishes by 6.30), but Phil Splitter, who plays the role of Robin Gibb, promises audiences that it will be a show that captures the spirit of one of Australia's most successful music acts.

"We have a fabulous five piece backing band, and we worked hard to really replicate the Bee Gee's singing style, including the falsettos," Phil said.

"And what we do differently is that we bring entertainment to the stage. The Bee Gees were world-class singers and musicians, but they weren't that well-known for being entertainers.

"In our show we have a bit of banter with each other."

Each of the three front men - Roy Kossena, Anthony Leonard and Phil Splitter - capture the spirit of the brothers, with some self-awareness from Robin and Maurice that they're performing 'beyond the grave', so to speak.

Roy who plays Barry, and Anthony who plays Maurice, also play their own instruments, which is something else that isn't found often in tribute shows.

The show is now in its fourth year of touring, and Phil believes that the current line-up is the best yet. A highlight for the team has been playing at the Alice Springs Masters Closing Ceremony last October.

"We were up against some well-known pop acts, and we weren't entirely sure why they wanted a Bee Gees tribute act! But the reception that we had from the audience was better than any of the other acts there."

Phil has even heard from audiences and venue hosts that their show is one of the best tributes that they've seen live, and is comparable, if not better, than The Australian Bee Gees Show, which have taken their own tribute act to Las Vegas.

No backing tracks here - every beat and note is live!

'Night Fever- Bee Gees Revival' will be touring regional South Australia in July, and this marks the first time that they will be in Naracoorte so it would be a 'Tragedy' to miss out on this fabulous event!

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