Naracoorte High School calling for homestay families

Homestay: Naracoorte High School is seeking homestay families for international exchange students.
Homestay: Naracoorte High School is seeking homestay families for international exchange students.

Are you interested in becoming a homestay family for an international student?

Naracoorte High School has international students starting in Semester 2 (July 2019 - July 2020).

South Australian Government Schools arrange homestay accommodation for international students who are 12 years of age or older while they are studying abroad in South Australia.

Who manages the Homestay Program?

International Education Services is a unit within the Department for Education and trades as South Australian Government Schools. IES manages all aspects of the International Student Program, including student recruitment and homestay accommodation.

What does it take to be a homestay?

There is no such thing as a typical homestay family. You can be single, a couple, family with children, empty nester or retiree. Whoever you are, what's most important is that you are committed to the program and provide a caring family for students.

Every family gets something different from the experience. You will learn a lot about a new culture, food, language, customs and traditions, but also have the chance to participate in activities and meet other host families, be a tourist in your own town as you show them around, and make lifelong friendships with your student and their family.

When you host an international student, they will become a member of your family. Your student will be a long way from home and in your care so you will be expected to provide them with a safe, supportive and welcoming home environment.

As a homestay, you will be required to provide your student with: a furnished bedroom inside the family home (not a separate dwelling), all meals, use of utilities (i.e. water, electricity and gas, access to TV, internet, and use of facilities (e.g. iron, vacuum cleaner, laundry).

You will also be expected to: support your student in their studies, monitor your student's health and well-being, accept duty of care for your student outside of school hours, provide a friendly and inviting home for your student, and speak English with your student to improve their language skills.

Looking after someone else's son or daughter is a big responsibility, but it is not one you will have to face alone. A variety of support resources include a weekly allowance of $280, initial briefing session and homestay handbook, ongoing support from the homestay accommodation team and access to a 24 hour emergency telephone service.

Please contact NHS for more information: 8762 1333. For further details, search: Homestay in Adelaide for School Students - SA Government Schools, or