Lucindale Lions Changeover Dinner 2019

Peter Corrigan is the new President of the Lucindale Lions, taking over from Andrew Copping, who is the only member of the club to serve as president for the last two years.

Mr Corrigan was inducted into the role at the Lucindale Lions Changeover Dinner on Friday June 9, with the dinner taking place at the Lucindale Country Club.

The emcee for the night was Kevin Baker, who is also the first Vice President. The full committee for 2019-2020 are as follows:

  • Second Vice President: Dale Wagner
  • Third Vice President: Tyrone Trussell
  • Secretary: Doug Crosby
  • Minute Secretary: Josh Smith
  • Treasurer: Mike Waters
  • Lion Tamer: John Motteram
  • Assistant Lion Tamer: Trevor Ware
  • One Year Directors: Angus McTaggert and Neil Watts
  • Two Year Directors: Derek Evans and Bob Crosby
  • Tail Twisters: Kevin Baker and David Brooker
  • Membership Chairman: Tyrone Trussell

A new member was also inducted that evening - the member for MacKillop, Nick McBride.

Mr McBride explained in a short speech that he lived between three council districts, but he decided to join the Lucindale Lions because he admired how much the club contributed to the town.

"I've got a soft spot for Lucindale, because it's a town that does everything that it can to grow and prosper," Mr McBride said.

The South East Field Days and the Yakka Park Music Festival were highlighted as Lion-led projects that enriched the social fabric of Lucindale, but also bolstering the economy of the whole region.

As a state politician, Mr McBride was also looking for ways to "unwind" from the stresses of parliament, and thought that the Lions would be the perfect way to compartmentalise, along with his umpiring.

Awards for 45 years of service were given to Neil Ferguson, Kevin Smith, and Gavin Wilson.

The Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, a prestigious honour which recognises a Lions' humanitarian work, was awarded to Mike Waters.

As well as being integral to many Lions projects, Mr Waters has also run the local serve-well for many years, seven days a week.

Norm Sommerville, who is also the new Vice District Governor, provided the reply to the mayor's address, and highlighted the Youth of the Year competition as a project that displayed phenomenal talent from young people.

In his President's address, Mr Corrigan stated that he and the other Lions would be focusing not only on each other's physical health, but also mental health. There would also be an increase in social activities.