Justin and Kate raising funds and breaking records through running

Whether it's encouraging Penola locals to get active and healthy or raising vital funds for women and girls in Uganda, Kate and Justin McDonald are making the most of their passion for running.

The husband and wife team are certified Guinness World Record holders for running 10km daily in their respective gender categories as well.

Kate and Justin have run that distance for over 60 days, reaching their goal at the end of May.

They both have a goal to keep running that distance each day until day 77.

It was originally going to be 73 days, but it was changed to 77 so that their immense undertaking would end on a weekend.

And while it's not an even number - like say, 100 - Kate explained that by having a specific number in mind, it makes it easier to get on the running shoes and go out every evening.

"That's usually the hardest thing, just getting the shoes on and the first kilometre, but after that, it's fine," Kate said.

Another motivator for Kate and Justin to go running is that they're currently fundraising for the Love Mercy Foundation.

Love Mercy was established in 2010 by Eloise Wellings, an Australian Olympian long-distance runner, who had a chance meeting with an Olympian from Uganda, Julius Achon.

Julius had been a child soldier, and he wanted to restore hope to his village in Northern Uganda, which had been denigrated through decades of civil war.

Through Love Mercy, practical solutions to poverty are created through increased access to education and health care.

Justin and Kate's fundraiser is to raise $6000 to purchase a well, so that women and children have access to fresh water.

While 10km seems to be a fair distance to jog each day, for women in Northern Uganda, they have to walk that distance just to cart water from a dirty creek back to their houses.

At time of publication Justin and Kate have met their goal of $60,000 but with extra funding, they will also have money to repair a well.

"We're just everyday people," Kate said.

"We have three children, we work full time. But we want to be helping others along the way."

The McDonalds are the founders of the Penola Running Crew, getting people involved in running for its physical and mental health benefits.

It's also an opportunity for people to do something that pushes themselves out of their comfort zone, and join a friendly group of sportspeople.

Justin and Kate's fundraiser for Love Mercy can be found here: https://runwithus2019.raisely.com/justinkatemcdonald