Vegan wines available at Leconfield

Paul Gordon, chief winemaker at Leconfield and Richard Hamilton Wines, is responding to an increase in demand for wines suitable for vegans by producing styles made without the use of animal products.

Many fining agents used to clarify and round out the palate of wines are based on protein and there are now new products sourced from vegetable protein which are able to be substituted for more traditional finings that used products such as egg white or milk.

(Finings are a substance used for clarifying liquid, usually beer or wine).

"Many of our customers have asked for vegan friendly wines," Paul said.

"As a result, we have created a number of styles to accommodate their palate and dietary preferences.

"In doing so, we can also eliminate almost all of the allergen statements on our wines. We don't use anything containing gluten.

"The response has been very positive from a sales perspective as we offer vegan friendly wines across still and sparkling styles.

"In reality, the gentle way in which we produce our wines means that the amount of products we may choose to add is tiny and almost all is removed from wine as it clarifies.

"In Australia, current government regulations do not require winemakers to stipulate whether wines are vegetarian or vegan friendly, however, many winemakers including Leconfield Wines have taken the initiative to listen to the market and deliver clearly labelled vegan friendly wines."

Paul has provided some simple tips regarding vegan friendly wine:

- Not all wine is vegan friendly. Look for wines specifically labelled 'vegan friendly'. Leconfield Wines offers a number of vegan friendly wines and these are labelled accordingly.

- Vegan friendly wine should also include packaging. While wine may be vegan friendly the packaging may not be. Leconfield Wines products also include a screw cap which is made from non animal derived products. This means the wine itself is vegan friendly and so is the screw cap.

- If you do have any allergies, check the back label for any products which may need to be avoided.

"Our customers have told us that they enjoy the bright sparkle of clarified wines compared with wines that have cloudiness," Paul added.

"If a wine requires a little help to settle out the natural grape and yeast sediments formed in the winemaking process, we will use fining agents such vegetable protein to aid that process.

"We continually strive to perfect our wines and our vegan friendly styles offer the same level of quality and flavour as our traditional wines."

Paul Gordon is the chief winemaker at Leconfield Wines which is Australia's oldest family owned winemaking business and home to Leconfield, Richard Hamilton Wines and Syn.

Internationally acclaimed for its wines, Leconfield's brands regularly win national and international awards and are also served on premium Australian experiences including Great Southern Rail trains, The Ghan, The Overland and Indian Pacific.

Leconfield Wine vegan friendly wines include:

  • 2017 Richard Hamilton 'Little Road' Shiraz
  • 2017 Richard Hamilton 'Panacea' Barbera
  • 2018 Richard Hamilton ' Burton's Vineyard' Old Bush Vine Grenache
  • 2017 Richard Hamilton 'Centurion' 125 Year Old Vine Shiraz
  • 2017 Richard Hamilton 'Farm Twelve' Mourvèdre
  • 2017 Leconfield Coonawarra Cabernet Franc
  • 2018 Leconfield Merlot
  • 2018 Leconfield Shiraz
  • Syn Rouge Sparkling Shiraz

These wines can be purchased from the Leconfield cellar door in the Coonawarra (15454 Riddoch Hwy) or via