Belinda's Brave Walk opens conversation about assisted dying

BELINDA'S BRAVE WALK: Shirley Church and Belinda Tey, who is walking from Melbourne to Perth.
BELINDA'S BRAVE WALK: Shirley Church and Belinda Tey, who is walking from Melbourne to Perth.

Walking from Melbourne to Perth in 70 days to raise awareness of euthanasia and gain support for assisted dying is Belinda Teh.

The Western Australian advocate lost her mother to cancer in 2016 and upon having a request to 'go quicker' denied, Belinda stepped into the shoes of the national fight and decided to make some change her own way.

About halfway into her walk, Belinda made a stop in Port Pirie to visit the family of Kylie Monaghan, who also passed away in 2016.

Kylie's fight for voluntary euthanasia became known to Belinda and as part of her mission to raise awareness, she stopped in to greet them and chat about the progress Kylie was able to make.

"I only found out about Kylie, way later on," Belinda explained, "I just wanted to stop in to personally meet them and thank Kylie for everything they have contributed to this conversation.

"I think it is important that we connect with one and another so that we all know we are not alone in this," Belinda explained.

For Shirley Church and Greg Smith, seeing the fight that Kylie had for euthanasia, gave them hope in meeting with Belinda.

Greg explains that upon the recent passing of euthanasia laws in Victoria, he hopes that next time when it comes around for South Australia, it will get passed.

"People that are in dying need and are suffering should have the decency to make their own mind up, not politicians. Who wants to see their loved one lay in bed and have things go wrong and see the suffering and the pain that they are in," he explained.

More people are joining the assisted dying conversation and this is what Belinda, Shirley and Greg want.

Belinda in particular has spoken to South Australian Premier Steven Marshall and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to tell them how important the law is and how they can help in facilitating change.

"I want them to hear the truth about what is going on and I really hope that they make their decision later on this year based on facts and evidence and the stories from the people that they represent," Belinda said.


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