Locals share their thoughts on Lucindale's One Night Stand win

After many years of campaigning, the Triple J One Night Stand will be coming to Lucindale on September 14 2019, with a committee working behind the scenes since 2013 to make it happen.

Kate Rayner has been campaigning for the One Night Stand since those early days, and was inspired by the very first One Night Stand.

"I went to see the One Night Stand in Natimuk back in 2004, and I thought to myself, why couldn't a place like Lucindale host it?

"So a few years later I approached the school, and Principal Adrian Maywald and the students got behind it, and we began a campaign in 2013."

The original committee - which featured Daniel Ryan, Tim Williams, Hayley Miller, Louise Stock, and Charlie Riggs along with Ms Rayner and Mr Maywald - were unsuccessful during their first crack at hosting the 2014 One Night Stand, but undeterred.

In late 2017 and early 2018 they decided to have another tilt.

"We were just doing crazy stuff to get Triple J to notice us," Ms Rayner laughed.

"And it worked!"

Last year's One Night Stand was held in St Helens in Tasmania, but Lucindale's passion for getting the One Night Stand up and running was not lost on Lachlan Macara, the Triple J Content Director.

"We were aware of how long Lucindale has been campaigning, and they do a good job," Mr Macara said.

"We (the One Night Stand) have been to every state and territory in Australia, and we looked at how we could get it to Lucindale.

"We spoke to Sally (Klose) and Erika (Vickery) at the council, and we decided that Lucindale was the best possible spot.

"It's a small town with a huge heart."

In the original pitch and in more recent pitches, Lucindale's Yakka Park has frequently been a focal point as to why the town would be the best spot for a concert that attracts thousands.

Ms Rayner said that there would be a 'tent city' during the concert, with toilet facilities, catering, and parking. Towns near Lucindale - such as Naracoorte, Robe, and Kingston - are encouraged to get involved with ideas for sideshows.

With the help of the Lucindale Lions, a website - https://www.lucindaleons.com.au/ - has been set up to point people in the right direction when it comes to accommodation, stocking up on supplies, and what the weather may be like.

Mr Macara estimates that there would likely be up to 10,000 young people coming to Lucindale to see acts such as the Hilltop Hoods, Ocean Alley and G Flip put on a show at the Lucindale Oval.

In past years the One Night Stand has seen millions flow into local economies, Mr Macara explained.

And there's also priceless media coverage in the form of a special live broadcast, and videos, photos and news shared through the Triple J website and social media platforms.

On September 21, there will be a two hour concert highlight special on the ABC's flagship music program rage.

Situated between Adelaide and Melbourne, Mr Macara is hoping that after the One Night Stand, more travellers will stay a few days at Lucindale, or even explore the Limestone Coast more generally.

"It's just fantastic," Naracoorte Lucindale Mayor Erika Vickery said of the One Night Stand.

"It's great for the youth of the community, and brilliant for the organising committee."

"I'm just ecstatic," Ms Rayner said of the win for Lucindale, with all of the proceeds from Yakka Park going back to charity.

"It's a win for the whole region."