Schools and kindergartens getting behind recycling through collecting tops and tags

The Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten and the Naracoorte High School are recycling bottle tops and bread tags to create disability aids.

The kindy will be collecting bottle caps to create 100 bespoke aids which will then be donated to children in need, in what they call 'their biggest project yet'.

The project is through Rotary's Envision Hands, with the kindy joining a global collective to create and give 3D printed aids to children in under-serviced countries. These aids can be for the upper body (gripping) or lower body (mobility).

Bottle caps are fully recyclable, however, they are often sent to landfill. But the positives of bottle caps are that they are almost entirely made of HDPE 2 (High Density Poly-Ethelyne), which can create functioning filament for 3D printers.

At Naracoorte High, the Student Governing Council are collecting bread tags for the Bread Tags for Wheelchairs Project.

Like bottle caps, these small bits of plastic often end up in landfill, and they harm land and marine wildlife. Through Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, these small bits of plastic are transformed into wheelchairs for the underprivileged in South Africa.

They can also get a second life as seedling trays, picture frames, door knobs, coat hangers, and more, through a recycling company called Transmutation - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, located in Robe.

"We liked to keep it local," said Naracoorte High student Ella Longbottom.

"Lots of people have joined in, and come on board," added student Emily Foster.

Kari Thomas, the staff member who is also coordinating the project, stated that every primary school in the district and the Naracoorte North Kindergarten were also helping to collect the tags.

"It's encouraging that more people are becoming aware of how important it is to have a sustainable environment," said student Ella Deland.

For every 500kg of bread tags, there are three wheelchairs that can be created.

Drop your bread tags into the Naracoorte High School Front Office.