Phones in schools - where does Naracoorte High stand?

As Victoria prepares to roll out a no-phones-in-the-classroom-policy, with phones to stay in lockers unless for emergencies or specific education purposes, Naracoorte High School has taken a similar approach where mobile phones can be used in the classroom - with a caveat.

"It's up to the teacher's discretion if they want to use phones in the classroom," Principal John Harris said.

"You can use them to have a timer in PE, for example," explained student Ashlea O'Shaughnessy.

"With different styles of learning, you're also allowed to listen to Audiobooks in English now," said student Harry Schroder.

Mr Harris explained that sometimes mobile phones are also used in science, if a teacher wants students to access more information.

But otherwise, students have to put their mobile phones in a box before the class begins, or turn off their phone and keep them in their pockets.

"We have a policy where if a student gets caught using their phone in the classroom then their phone is confiscated, and they can pick it up from the student services office at the end of the day," Mr Harris said.

"But the second time that it happens, then their parents or caregiver has to come in and collect the phone from the student services office."

If a student refuses to give their phone up, then a member of the Leadership will be called and the phone will be kept in the student services office until a parent or caregiver comes to pick it up after being contacted.

The student's actions will be deemed as "refusing a reasonable instruction" and Behaviour Management Policy will then be followed.

Mr Harris explained that the school has a hard line on cyberbullying and harassment, and so if students are caught making excuses to meet up outside of class with their phones, then they are immediately confiscated.

However, digital learning via smart phones is the future. Where students once schlepped around with diaries covered in graffiti, students are now requested to set reminders on sleek iPhones of when to hand in assignments.