Proposals to have Year Sevens in high school may not affect Frances Primary

The State Government is proposing to have students in Year Seven go to high school with their peers, but are currently undertaking a series of consultations via forums in regional communities and the YourSay website.

In a statement released by the DECD they have stated that, "the consultation will be testing the possibility of providing families with a choice to keep their Year Seven child in primary school, if their primary school is located more than 20 kilometres from its nearest area high school."

Frances Primary is one of the schools identified as being 20km away from both Naracoorte High School or Bordertown High School.

Principal Joyce Dinan has said that even if consultations indicated that parents wanted to send their Year Sevens to high school, Frances Primary's enrolment numbers would stay stable.

"We've experienced good growth in the junior grades," Ms Dinan said.

"Frances Primary has always been a small school, but that's part of its appeal. We have locals moving back into the area, and parents transferring their students from other schools.

"We also have new arrivals, with babies being born, and they eventually join their siblings at the school."

The excellent reputation of Frances Primary's Early Learning Centre has also increased participation within the school, as moving from the preschool to the primary school has been described as a "seamless" transition by Ms Dinan.

By moving Year Sevens into high school, South Australia will be aligned with the rest of the nation's public school curriculum.

However the Department of Education wish to consult regional communities before the final report is created to better understand the different issues across the state.