Naracoorte hockey: Wet, wintry wins

Wet: Under 9 players from Redlegs and Greenbottles take shelter from heavy rain on Saturday morning. Their game was eventually called off. Photo: Kelli Harris.
Wet: Under 9 players from Redlegs and Greenbottles take shelter from heavy rain on Saturday morning. Their game was eventually called off. Photo: Kelli Harris.

Round 11 of local hockey kicked off Friday night in oddly warm conditions with the Warriors vs Dartmoor women's game.

The next day was cold and wintry leaving most of Dartmoor pleased to have the bye.

Wet: Under 9 players from Redlegs and Greenbottles take shelter from heavy rain on Saturday morning. Their game was eventually called off.


Under 13s

Greenbottles 2 def Redlegs 0

Goals: Henry Boord 2

Best: (G) Tillie Derrington, Jack Justin, Phoebe Yates (R) Joel Anderson, Samantha Edwards, Seth Gale

Brolgas 5 def Kingston/Lucindale 1

Goals: (B) Hunter Adams 3, Buzz Brennan, Will Ellis (K/L) Luke Ewer

Best: (B) Hunter Adams, Buzz Brennan, Christian Wait (K/L) Chris Hille, Liam Hill, Corrie Taylor


Greenbottles 2 def Redlegs 0

Goals: Cameron Taylor 2

Best: (G) Callum Carruthers-Murray, Sophie Waters, Tillie Derrington (R) Willow Edwards, Hamish McLachlan, Emily Poulton

Brolgas 6 def Kingston/Lucindale 1

Goals: (B) Dashel Adams 2, Will Ellis, Ben Goodridge, Buzz Brennan, Ryan Maund (K/L) Andre Strydom

Best: (B) Will Ellis, Ben Goodridge, Buzz Brennan (K/L) Noah Ewer, Connor Butler, Andre Strydom


Greenbottles 5 def Redlegs 2

Goals: (G) Shannon Derrington 2, Celia Scott 2, Rachael Withers (R) Sarah Anderson, Monique Moore

Best: (G) Shannon Derrington, Rachael Withers, Lucy Possingham (R) Sarah Anderson, Tori Ghezzi, Sally Luff

Kingston/Lucindale 0 drew Brolgas 0

Best: (K/L) Sally Clothier, Karen Meulders, Nicola Turner (B) Fiona Aitken, Rachael Lloyd, Rachael Maddern

Warriors 3 def Dartmoor 2

Goals: (W) Di Schinckel, Zoe James, Margot Vilde (D) Christine Foale, Lana Joy Durik

Best: (W) Sally Logan, Kate Hay, Jane Woosnam (D) Annie Charlton, Christine Foale, Natasha Moore


Greenbottles 6 def Redlegs 1

Goals: (G) Joel Munro 2, Mick Derrington, Scott Copping, Cameron Taylor, Scott Murray (R) Hamish Poulton

Best: (G) Michael Justin, Cameron Taylor, Scott Murray (R) Troy Harris, Shade McClymont, Wayne Mitchell

Kingston/Lucindale 10 def Brolgas 2

Goals: (K/L) Derek Butler 4, Jack Thomson 3, Kenn Jardine 2, Matt Waugh (B) Richard Wait, Jaali Brennan

Best: (K/L) Derek Butler, Brodie Kirkland, Bruce Cameron (B) Richard Wait, Jaali Brennan, Dash Adams

With Greenbottles on publicity, here are the reports from their games.

Under 9

Great spirit was shown by the youngest crew as the rain belted down. There were some great passes down the field from Lachlan Withers and Harriet Waters. Jack Justin taking the ball to the goals on 2 occasions. Redlegs Nat Harris and Nate Haynes provided some great stick work and tackles. In the end the weather took hold and the game was called off early.

Under 13

Greens and Reds took to the field for a cold and wet game. Reds started hard but Greens stole a short corner. Energy was in the air when Henry Boord took a rebound into the back corner of the goals. Emily Eastwood and Callum Carruthers-Murray worked in the back line well with some good passes out to the wings, Zara James and Riley Justin. Evie Koch and Phoebe Yates ran down with the ball with some good play in Red's defensive area. No score came off this play though. Sophie Waters played well defensively with help from Zoe James and Tillie Derrington to convert another goal from Henry Boord. Chloe Nancarrow and Samantha Edwards held up more goals from hitting the backboards from Greens. Grace Gale had some great rundowns but couldn't connect to the goal. Greens came out on top with a win of 2-0. Both teams played excellent despite the overall score.


In challenging conditions, Greens and Reds battled over the win. Both teams started hard but no one could find the back of the net. Late in the first half, Sophie Waters assisted Cameron Taylor in getting the first goal for Greens. Jorja Doecke played well in defence and was able to get some great hits up to Hamish Poulton who was able to have a few runs down the field putting Greens under pressure but they were able to hold him out. After half time Reds and Greens both came out strong and it resulted with both teams getting short corners. Greens were fortunate enough to find the back of the net with Cameron Taylor getting his second goal of the game, this time assisted by Alexander Waters and Henry Boord. Greens were able to hold Reds out for the remainder of the game resulting in a 2-0 win for Greens.


In a high scoring affair Greens and Reds battled it out on a Wintry evening in Naracoorte. Greens were well led early by Celia Scott in the wing, putting away 2 brilliant goals. Reds pushed forward well but were unable to capitalise, as Greens kept the pressure on with their 3rd through Rachel Withers. 3-0 half time.

Greens pushed Shan Derrington forward which had immediate effect, scoring 2 quick ones. Green's passing was proving too much until Reds finally scored off a well earned short. This was closely followed by a 2nd Reds goal in a strong finish. Final score 5-2.


Reds versus Greens was a good match to watch. Plenty of action with both teams not shying away from some physical contact. Attacking forwards had both goalies under pressure but Greens dominated using the legs of junior players Cameron Taylor and Alexander Waters to full advantage. A great shot on goal from Scott Murray at the top of the circle was a success for the scoreboard but left Scott's knee under question in the dug out. Cameron Taylor converted a pass from Derek James on a short corner to add to the goal count. Reds players Shade McClymont, Hamish Poulton and Jacob Edwards made great plays in an attempt to bring the score up for Reds but it ended with a decisive win to Greens 6-1.

Round 12 kicks off Friday night with Warriors vs Brolgas women in Edenhope. Then Saturday sees Kingston/Lucindale vs Redlegs and Dartmoor vs Greenbottles all on the turf in Naracoorte.