Day one: Murray South East in action at championships | PHOTOS

RESULTS - Day one

Game one

Eyre Peninsula 5.0-30

Southern Districts 5.4-34


Goal Kickers: J. Hind, T. Keeley, B. Martin, J. Collins, J. Bruce

Best Players: X. Watson, J. Bruce, J. Walker, B. Martin


Goal Kickers: T. Pinyon 3, Z. Vitkunas, C. Mesecke

Best Players: B. Ellis, T. Hoffmann, J. Veide, S. Alexopoulos, T. Pinyon, D. Arnold

Game two

Eastern 3.2-20

Northern 7.5-47


Goal Kickers: L. Hentschke, N. Jaensch, C. Skinner

Best Players: N. Jaensch, K. Waterman, E. Horrocks, F. Sampson


Goal Kickers: D. Hewett 2, L. Kangur 2, J. Fuller, J. Mewburn, P. Browne

Best Players: W. Combe, M. Purcell, D. Hewett, G. Warren

Game three

Central 7.8-50

Southern Districts 1.3-9


Goal Kickers: S. Ballantyne 2, R. Eberhard 2, S. Moss, T. Irlam, S. Mumford

Best Players: J. Schahinger, T. Irlam, L. Ryswyk, B. Edwards


Goal Kickers: T. Pinyon

Best Players: T. McAllister, T. Hoffmann, J. McKAY, R. Clamp, T. Illingworth

Game four

Murray South East 2.6-18

Eyre Peninsula 7.3-45


Goal Kickers: T. Sullivan, B. Foster

Best Players: J. Eldridge, A. Stone, S. Merrett, N. Pearce, S. Pfeiffer, J. Wehl


Goal Kickers: S. Masters 3, S. Crettenden 2, J. Hind, X. Watson

Best Players: X. Watson, R. Maitland, S. Masters, T. Keeley

Game five

Eastern 2.5-17

Central 9.6-60


Goal Kickers: J. McCreery, T. Mayo

Best Players: B. Young, N. Jaensch, B. Thompson, J. McCreery


Goal Kickers: S. Mumford 2, S. Ballantyne 2, T. Irlam 2, R. Carnelly, T. Phelps, L. Ryswyk

Best Players: L. Ryswyk, T. Irlam, A. Wright, S. Ballantyne, J. Schahinger, D. Hynes

Game six

Northern 3.4-22

Murray South East 2.6-18


Goal Kickers: L. Kangur 2, D. Hewett

Best Players: L. Kangur, K. Thompson, J. Fuller, B. Eagle


Goal Kickers: D. Bromley, A. Brown

Best Players: S. Merrett, B. Bryant, N. Pearce, T. Sullivan, S. Pfeiffer, J. Eldridge

Women's results

Northern 3.3-21 def Eastern 1.2-8

Southern Districts 7.2-44 def Eyre Peninsula 2.0-12

Northern 4.2-26 def Murray South East 2.0-12

Central 5.1-31 def Eastern 0.0-0

Murray South East 3.1-19 def Eyre Peninsula 2.1-13

Southern Districts 2.2-14 def Central 0.1-1

Day two

Murray South East and Eastern will battle it out in fifth versus sixth.

It will be third versus fourth as Eyre Peninsula and Southern Districts compete in the second game of the men's finals.

After claiming two wins on Saturday, Northern and Central will fight for glory in the championship match at 1pm.

In women's football, Northern and Southern Districts will play in the grand final.

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