Sue Jaensch wins trainer's premiership again

Naracoorte thoroughbred trainer Sue Jaensch has won her fourth Limestone Coast trainer's premiership, and third in a row.

The region's premier trainer also won two other major awards at the presentation at Naracoorte on July 28, taking home both horse of the year awards.

For performances anywhere, she won the title with Amberdi, while for local performances, her mare Pass The Glass was chosen as the winner.

Jaensch said she and her team had worked hard to have their horses in their best possible condition throughout the year.

"It was quite satisfying to know that our training has done the right thing and we've got the reward for it," Jaensch said.

"We've had a couple of really good seasons and it's just nice to to have that in our bag to say that we were good enough to do it."

According to Jaensch, whose team had 20 wins in the Limestone Coast area and 43 wins overall, their approach to success is simple.

"I just call it good, hard work and good feed - that's pretty much my motto," she said.

"If they've got good, hard work and good feed in their system and they've got the ability, they will do the job.

"I was quite surprised when I actually saw how many we did [win] because I don't go counting, I only send them out there to do their best in a race, so to win them is great.

"We've now got horses going in and out of the paddock all the time and probably that's been key to our success. We've been able to have an ever-renewing number of fresh horses all the time so we're not just relying on a certain number of horses.

"In years before we've had to rely on, say, 15 horses only and try and do the most for them throughout the season. Now we've got an ever-changing number of horses."

Jaensch said Amberdi and Pass The Glass winning their respective Horse of the Year awards was a pleasant surprise and a very satisfying end to the season.

Amberdi won four races in Adelaide to help secure the 'performances anywhere' category and is one of Jaensch's home-bred horses.

"She's done a very good job doing what she's done," Jaensch said.

"I treat them all as champions until they go out there and say they're not."

Jaensch also thanked her team for their dedication throughout the year.

"Because (husband) Bruce and I are away at the races a lot and they're the ones that keep carrying the load at home and making sure that the work is done," she explained.