Naracoorte Herald Kitchen Whiz finalists

The Naracoorte Herald's second Kitchen Whiz competition has produced four fantastic finalists.

Your nominations have led to these culinary champions reaching the voting round, with the winner to pocket a $100 voucher generously donated by Amali Gifts of Naracoorte.

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To help your favourite Kitchen Whiz get over the line, vote in our poll below, or fill out the form in next week's Herald and drop it into the office at 93 Smith Street.

The winner was announced on August 23 - congratulations to Karryn Meulders!


Ginny comes from a long line of fantastic cooks and has earned rave reviews for her ability in the kitchen, particularly with desserts.

One of her specialties is raspberry brulee, and she is also an expert with vanilla slice. Her vanilla slice craft was honed when she and her mum were running the Naracoorte saleyards canteen and would create and cut up four huge slabs of it to feed the masses on sale day.

The talent for baking continues on through Ginny's daughter Pippa, who has her own book of recipes, makes mean banana and chocolate cakes, and can even make rainbow icecream.

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Ginny Harvie's raspberry creme brulee.

Ginny Harvie's raspberry creme brulee.


Joel cooked his first meal when he was aged just 3.5, and he has become something of a baking expert in the years since, making scones, cakes and puddings, as well as his own dinner.

Joel has become a regular entrant in the cooking competitions at the Naracoorte Show and enjoyed success with the best primary school exhibit last year.

Joel and his sister Kaylee cook together and also love to pick up tips by watching TV cooking shows such as Masterchef.

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It's a family affair when Joel Anderson cooks.

It's a family affair when Joel Anderson cooks.


Karryn describes herself as a "homestyle cook" who's not interested in the fiddly and delicate dishes served up by hopefuls on Masterchef.

"I just like to make things that people enjoy, food which brings people together."

Some of Karryn's specialties include Thai and Indian food, and it was a chicken curry pie that she made for the Naracoorte and District Hockey Association's canteen which really caught the club's attention.

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One of the delicious pies from the kitchen of Karryn Meulders.

One of the delicious pies from the kitchen of Karryn Meulders.


Jess certainly finds it easier to procure ingredients these days than when she first experienced cooking back in the war years, when rations were scarce.

Jess learned to cook in her native England, and has always enjoyed her time in the kitchen. A long-time Naracoorte resident now, she has an affinity for creating sweet treats, with her shortbread and biscuits being a hit at the Anglican Church.

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Jess Attwood's lemon shortbread.

Jess Attwood's lemon shortbread.