Telstra boosts mobile at Lucindale

Telstra is this week installing a temporary mobile base station in Lucindale to help existing infrastructure carry an expected massive increase in mobile calls and data usage from the One Night Stand event.

"Events with large crowds often have issues with call connectivity and slow data speeds due to high demand on the mobile network," said Mark Bolton, regional general manager for Telstra in SA.

"While Telstra's mobile coverage is generally pretty good in the Lucindale area, it was never designed to cope with a temporary spike of thousands of additional people in one location as is expected at the Triple J concert.

"Without additional capacity, this increased demand could potentially have a big impact on people's data speeds and the ability to make and receive calls on the existing Telstra network.

"To help with this, we are installing a trailer mounted base station that has an extendable 10 metre antenna.

"This will boost the existing local Telstra 3G and 4G mobile network capacity, allowing more people to be online and on the phone at the same time."

Telstra has a number of these Cell on Wheels (CoWs) located across Australia and they are regularly used to provide temporary mobile coverage during natural disaster situations and also additional network capacity at community events such as music festivals.

"Installing this additional infrastructure for a single event in a regional location is an expensive proposition and Telstra appreciates the funding support provided by the state government and the Naracoorte Lucindale Council to help make this possible," Mr Bolton said.

Mr Bolton advises that even with the additional capacity installed, some concert goers and people staying at the campground may still experience fluctuations in data speeds and ability to connect calls first time.

"Like at any popular event, services such as food vans, bars and bathrooms experience heavier demand at times, and the Telstra mobile network will be no different. However, our technicians will be doing everything possible to maximise Telstra network capacity in the Lucindale area during the event."

With more than 800 mobile sites across South Australia, Telstra delivers the state's largest mobile network.